The Institute of Museum and Library Services, in an effort to attract more community-centered proposals in its “Community Anchors” category, will hold a dialogue with audience members and three representatives from “anchor” museums about what defines a community anchor institution and how to develop a community of trust in order for this to occur. This session will target those working in museums that aspire to become an important and relevant center of community focus, those in the process of becoming a center of community focus and those that have already achieved that status in their respective communities. Speakers will share their own indicators of what constitutes a community anchor and how their own museums impact their communities in such a way as to raise their museum’s profile to that of an anchor institution. Attendees will be encouraged to share their own views, opinions and ideas about how a museum can be a meaningful, valued building block within their own communities.


  • Morteza Sajadian
  • Prerana Reddy
  • Cassie Chinn