This session includes two case studies:

Tell Me Your Story: Curating Oral History for Exhibitions

This session will explore how the Centre d’histoire de Montréal (Montreal’s History Centre) has responded to the curatorial challenges of creating museum exhibitions based mainly on testimonies and how it has worked with documentary specialists to create a unique and engaging way to present the human story behind moments in a city’s history.

The Balaio da Capoeira: Building a Mobile Museum in Brazil from Dream to Reality

Capoeira is an Afro-Brazilian social practice and ritual that incorporates martial arts and dance movements. The Balaio da Capoeira museum is an itinerant museum that uses a bus to tell the history of the Capoeira in Brazil. In 2003, Mestre Noventa, a “Capoeira Master,” launched the idea of a “bus-museum” with a collection with more than 4,000 pieces. Then he started traveling around the country to tell the Capoeira history and discuss with the communities its role in Brazilian society. The museum has been supported by the Intangible Heritage National Program of Brazil since 2012. The democratization of the access to the collection gave new significance to popular knowledge, connecting memory and social practices.


  • Catherine Charlebois
  • Rudney Caria