This session includes three case studies:

Awakening the Dragon – a Community’s Story

“Awaken the Dragon Kiln” was initiated by Singaporean ceramists in 2013 to raise awareness of local pottery heritage. The fate of Singapore’s two remaining Dragon Kilns, built in the 1940s, was bleak when the lease was not renewed in 2013, the Year of the Dragon. With strong support from the community, the National Heritage Board supported the successful appeal to extend the lease until 2020. This presentation shares the learning points from years one and two of the project.

The Mirror of Society

Saudi Arabia has an emerging museum-going culture. This challenge makes the process of developing engaging programs for the public a unique experience for the museum and the community. There is great opportunity for museums and the public to shape this relationship in a way that enables society to take ownership and be accountable for its own progress. What we choose to deliver and who we choose to be will be aligned with how society wants to see its past, present and future develop.

The Pontos de Memoria Program: A Memory Collection Project

Boundaries, memory and social identity. The Taquaril neighborhood in the city of Belo Horizonte, Brazil, will be presented as a member of the Pontos de Memória Program. The goal of the Ponto de Memória Taquaril Museum is to enable a memory collection project that then projects into the future the ideals of local self-identified social groups. The project aims to reveal and revisit memories of the social groups, enabling deeper participation in future planning.


  • Sharon Chen
  • Eman Bukhari
  • Wellington Silva