This session includes three case studies:

The Pop-Up Museum

Explore how the Royal BC Museum reached out to audience in a sparsely populated province larger than Texas. We will explore the importance of taking the learning out of the museum and putting it in communities where it is most relevant, and will present a unique, inexpensive solution to accomplish these objectives. The session will focus on the exhibition topic “Species at Risk” and the challenges the team faced with distilling compelling information into a 40-square-foot exhibition on wheels.

Adaptability and Inclusiveness in Times of Trouble

In a developing country like Jordan, adaptability and inclusiveness are not a luxury but a must for museums. With an influx of Syrian, Iraqi and Palestinian refugees, as well as a dire economy, the Children’s Museum of Jordan created innovative and creative programs to ensure relevance and adaptability to include a mobile museum, community connect program and award-winning culture program.

Sharing Stories: Hosting a “Human Library” at a Museum

The Canadian War Museum’s Human Library empowers community members by validating their lived experiences, thereby strengthening the museum’s place in the community. Through one-on-one conversation and storytelling, the Human Library builds connections, making history come alive for participants. This innovative program is easily adaptable to other countries and institutions.


  • Mark Dickson
  • Sawsan Dalaq
  • Britt Braaten