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2730 – Big Deal: Large Objects, Expert Advice Amy Jones Abbe, Roger Machin, Suzanne Hale   
2732 – Inciting Change: From Collective Memory to Civic Mobilization Bonita Bennett
Susan Wigodner
Dina Bailey
Lisa Junkin Lopez
2733 – Prototyping Interactives for Social Engagement Carolyn Gilman, Suzannah Niepold, Victoria Prizzia   
2734 – Beacons and Wayfinding Apps: New Digital Exhibit Engagement Layla Masri, Elena Guarinello, Robert Rutherford   
2735 – Connecting Community: Conversations in the Art Museum Stephanie Plunkett, Kristen Greenwood, Adera Causey   
2736 – Art + History = Limitless Interdisciplinary Potential Rebecca Bush, Teresa Reeves, Amanda Noll   
2737 – Conquer Data Overwhelm to Optimize Membership Programs Garrett Barmore, Katie Ingersoll, Sarah Jane Semrad   
2738 – Innovative Training Strategies for Security Staff Krista Dahl Kusuma, Stephen St laurent, LJ Hartman   
2739 – Focus on Archives: Museum Collections’ Forgotten Stepchild? Celia Caust-Ellenbogen, John Alviti, Susannah Carroll   
2740 – Touching the Lives of Young Children: Building a Foundation K. Allison Wickens, Jeanne Perales, Heather Nielsen   
2741 – Do Ethics Matter to You and Your Museum? Regine Schulz, Sally Yerkovich  
2742 – Keeping Civic Engagement Civil Lisa Junkin Lopez, Janeen Bryant  
2743 – CEO and CDO: Odd Couple or Perfect Match? William Harris, Diana Duke Duncan, Chad Roberts  
2744 – Houser Celebration: A Study of Marketing Cooperatives Leslie Baker, Anthony Vann, Michael Bendure  
2745 – Museums and Their Communities: Relationships and Relevance Carlos Tortolero, Devon Akmon, Emily Zimmern  
2746 – Collections Care Today: HHI 2014 Findings Lesley Langa  
2747 – “It Isn’t Easy Being Green,” But We Can Show You How! Cameron Saffell, Ellen Censky, Tullis Johnson  
2748 – Collections Assessments for Small Museums Alan Rowe, Samantha Dorsey, Tamara Hemmerlein  
2749 – The Nimble and Responsive Exhibition Linda Norris, Liza Rawson, Erin Bernard  
2750 – The Increasing Social Value of Museums in the Middle East Shaika Al-Nassr, Jo Hargreaves, Martyn Best   
2751 – Empathy in Mission and Practice: Why Should We Care? Rainey Tisdale, Janeen Bryant, Stacey Mann   
2752 – Museum Pride: the Social Role of Museums in LGBTQ Advocacy Megan Swanby, Joe Heimlich, Erin E. Bailey   
2753 – Addressing Gender and Sexual Orientation in Exhibitions Gregory Hinton, Lena Reynolds, Jonathan David Katz   
2754 – Discussing Museum Decolonization George Neptune, Darren Ranco, Julia Clark   
2755 – Exhibitions Outside the Museum Maria Mortati   
2756 – Building Value: Historic Houses Serving Local Schools Catherine Austin, Jerrie Lamb   
2757 – TrendsWatch 2015: Your Annual Glimpse of the Future Elizabeth Merritt   
2758 – Reimagining Family-Centered Exhibit Design Shasta Bray, Margaret Middleton, Cathryn Ferree  
2759 – Preparing Emerging Professionals for Work in Small Museums Daniel Bartlett, Caitlin Mans, Lana Burgess  
2761 – Museums Re-imagining the American City Morris Vogel, Daryl Black, Lori Fogarty  
2762 – What’s the Big Idea? Ben Kershaw  
2764 – App Development Strategies Bree Boettner, Katherine Johnson, Laura Lipp  
2765 – Can We Really Help? Museums and Peacebuilding Irina Zadov, Diana Walters, Mutisya Munuve  
2766 – Nine Effective Steps of Audience-Building Programs Anne Bergeron, Lucas Held, Beth Tuttle  
2767 – Surveying the Landscape: Accessibility and Interpretation Emily Fry, Rebecca McGinnis, Hannah Goodwin  
2768 – Conversations Around Change: Training Staff Stephanie Long, Catherine Hughes, Heather Barnes  
2769 – Reimagining the Museum: AAM + TyPA Foundation Convening 2015 María Salcedo Repolês, James Volkert, Maria Gonzalez   
2770 – The Social Value of Brick-and-Mortar Museums in a Digital Age Eric Siegel, John Russick, Sarah Kate Baie   
2771 – Access from One Place: Artifacts, Archives and Photographs Jessie de la Cruz, Leigh Grinstead, Melissa de Bie   
2772 – Not for Display Only: Demonstrating Collection Objects Christa McCay, Richard Banz, Maggie Sigle   
2773 – Tech Tutorial: Distance Learning: Near and Far, for Museums Big and Small Emily Hermans   
2774 – Advocacy 101: How to Be Effective in Your Own Community Malinda Horton, Jada Hansen, Lisa Anderson   
2775 – Evidencing Change: How Do We Measure Social Value? Randi Korn, Deborah Schwartz, Carol Scott   
2776 – Spatially Literate Digital Experiences Alan Maskin, Leonard Garfield   
2777 – Moving Collections from Onsite Cases to Online Conversations Beth Gryczewski, Stacie Pierpoint, Kathryn Wilmot   
2778 – 50 Years from Now: Training the Museum Staff of the Future John Simmons, Peter Welsh, Carol Stapp  
2780 – Digital Storytelling: The Dream, the Team, the Results Scott Sayre, Amanda Thompson Rundahl, Alexander Bortolot  
2781 – Engaging Our Neighbors: Evaluating Local Outreach Elizabeth Welden-Smith, Steven Holochwost  
2782 – Missouri Burning: Turning Conflict into Conversation Melanie Adams  
2783 – Exhibit Style Guides: They’re More Than You Think! Susanna Brougham, Susan Timberlake, Lisa Thompson  
2784 – Party with Purpose: Cultivating Young Patrons Karaugh Brown, Kate Gleason, Emily Ironside  
2785 – Deliver Outstanding Guest Experiences via Excellent Staff Daniel Stewart, Stephanie Wood, Samuel Vasquez  
2786 – Changing Perceptions: Collaboration to Fulfill a Bold Vision Stephen White, Daniel Basta, Susan Funk  
2787 – Will You Miss Me When I’m Gone? Positioning Your Museum as a Valued Core Community Resource Morteza Sajadian, Prerana Reddy, Cassie Chinn  
2788 – Prototyping for Digital Projects David Schaller, Susan Edwards, Scott Sayre  
2789 – Beyond Field Trips: Museums and the Next Era of Education Katherine Kelbaugh  
2791 – The Museum of the Future Through the Museum of Today Nik Honeysett, Susan Cairns  
2792 – Diversify Your Sales Program to Increase Visits and Revenue Mike Brown, Lauren Rose, Sarah Spencer  
2794 – 20 Sites, Infinite Stories: Dialogues on Immigration Sarah Pharaon, Irina Zadov, Kate Betz  
2795 – How Residencies Create Socially Responsible Museums Eric Siegel, Nancy Maryboy, Darren O’Donnell  
2796 – A Path to Success: Fostering Career Skills in Teens Hajnal Eppley, Linda Blanshay, Renata Brown  
2798 – Maximizing Social Value with Audience Reach and Engagement Jay Finney, Kristen Shepherd,  
2799 – Take It Personally: Engaging Living History in Museums Adjoa Jones de Almeida, Rylee Eterginoso, Keonna Hendrick  
2801 – Interactive Gold: Digital Experiences That Add Value Troy Lachance, Bruce Wyman, Susan Chun  
2802 – Social Practice: A Community-Crafted Collaborative Exhibition Traci Garland, Michael Lease, Meghan Hughes  
2804 – Potluck Programming: Community Engagement with Participation Nina Simon, Prerana Reddy, Adam Johnson  
2805 – Museum Incubators: Growing Social Justice in Nimble Spaces Kathryn Hill, Suzanne Seriff, James Peterson  
2806 – Developing an Ethnographic Lexicon Isabel Tovar, Anne Iverson, Amy Heggemeyer  
2807 – Small and Not-So-Small Museums, All with Big Ideas Karen Brosius, Dane Pollei, Paul Johnson  
2808 – Agents of Change or More of the Same? David Anderson, Jocelyn Dodd, Margaret Appleton  
2809 – Different Strokes: Development Advice from Across the Field Jennifer Burch, Erik Pihl, James Leventhal  
2810 – Vital Impact: Two Landmark Teen Program Alumni Studies Gabrielle Wyrick, Danielle Linzer  
2811 – Activating the Museum Campus Mark Heppner, Adam Johnson, Ann Loshaw  
2812 – Latino New South: New Approaches for Community Engagement Priscilla Hancock Cooper, Oliver Merino, Kate Whitman  
2813 – Care to Talk Evaluation? Beth Kaminsky, Sharisse Butler, Marley Steele-Inama  
2814 – How an All-Volunteer Band Raised $8 Million During the Recession Emily Epley, Brownie Plaster, James Scruggs  
2815 – Thinking Holistically with the “Triple Bottom Line” (3BL) Timothy Hecox, Tonya Matthews, Shengyin Xu  
2816 – Copyright Licensing Legal Lab: Giving and Receiving Anne Young, Katherine Lewis  
2817 – Visitor Voices: A Story of Accessibility and Inclusion Barbara Johnson Stemler, Ann Leist  
2818 – Exploring Empathy: Research on a Hot (but Tricky) Concept Adam Nilsen, Miriam Bader, Rebecca Herz  
2819 – Museums and Social Issues: A Reflective Conversation Robert Garfinkle, Lois Silverman, Marjorie Schwarzer  
2820 – Taming a Beast: Unifying Diverse Animal IDs to One System Kris Nesbitt  
2821 – Tech Tutorial: E-mail Automation 101: Engaging the Museum Visitor Shawn Mummert   
2822 – 75 Ideas in 75 Minutes: High Impact Right Now! Christopher Panek, Ginevra Stirling Ranney, Willard White   
2823 – Collaborating with Integrity: Indigenous Voice in Museums Nancy Maryboy, Marie Long, Ka’iu Kimura   
2824 – Evolving Roles of Museum Educators: New Practices and Research Tracy McClendon, Karleen Gardner, Jason Porter   
2825 – My Story, Our Data: Data-Centered Community Story Archiving Hosan Kim, Sunhyuck Kim   
2826 – Crossing the Line in Museums and Libraries Lourdes Santamaría-Wheeler, Catherine Trujillo, Celia Walker   
2827 – Deepening Social Impact by Serving Professional Audiences Joanne Jones-Rizzi, Sarah Campbell   
2828 – Development for Non-Development Professionals Steven Snyder, Karen Brosius, Hope McMath   
2829 – Accelerating Innovation Through R and D Hasan Bakhshi   
2830 – Waking Up from Volunteer Nightmares Maretta Hemsley-Wood, Herbert Jones, Carly Ofsthun  
2831 – Connecting Cultural Heritage Through Migration Museums Marilia Conte, Bram Beelaert  
2832 – Creating New Connections: How to Engage Communities with AiR Allison Weiss, Katelyn Ziegler, Daniel Allen  
2833 – Museums Connect: Transcendence, Transformation and Triumph Chanel Compton, Aliyu Abdu, Syed Iskandar Alattas  
2834 – Passing It On: The Legacy of Great Exhibitions Spencer Crew, Darcie Fohrman, Robert Garfinkle  
2835 – Maximizing Community Engagement Through Accessibility Elizabeth Ziebarth, Hannah Goodwin, Christena Gunther  
2836 – Tech Tutorial: Demystifying Vine and Snapchat Seema Rao, Patricia Edmonson, Chad Weinard  
2837 – Effective Strategic Learning for Organizational Success Colleen Walker, Elisabeth Galley, Jennifer Scripps  
2838 – Autism Tsunami: Autistic Adults and Museums Jim Andacht, Paul Gabriel  
2839 – 27th Annual Excellence In Exhibition Awards Juli Goss, David Kennedy, Douglas Simpson  
2840 – How to Write a Successful NEA Grant Proposal Wendy Clark  
2841 – Who ARE Your Museum’s Fans and Visitors? Will They Donate? Yoonhyung Lee, Joseph Eisen  
2842 – Q & A with Federal Agency Leaders Wendy Clark, Claudia French, S. Terry Childs  
2843 – Using HR and Manager Partnerships to Develop a More Nimble Workforce Sheila McDaniel, Donia Allen  
2844 – Finance for Mummies Teresa Mayfield, Shannon Christopher  
2847 – Advocacy in Global Museums: Empowering Local Communities Salama Al Shamsi, Sharifa Bin Horaiz, Moaza Saif  
2848 – Helping More Teachers Discover Your Digital Resources Darren Milligan, Chad Weinard  
2849 – Demanding More from Interactive Media Marla Shoemaker, Kate Tinworth, Taylor Peterson  
2850 – Mind the Gap: Bridging Social Media and Audience Research Reena Goodwin, Meghan Stockdale  
2851 – Thinking Visually: Creating Integrated Label Graphics Emily O’Hara, Emily Marsh  
2852 – Anti-Orientalist, Community-Centric Exhibition Design Masum Momaya  
2853 – Beyond the Walls: Innovative Museum-School Partnerships Anthony Pennay, Rebekah Harding, Anna Glenn  
2854 – Art + Science + Preschool: Building Engagement and Access Kristen Buckley, Christine Bean, Pat Dawson  
2855 – Building the Museums of the 21st Century Nadine Boksmati-Fattouh, Rudo Sithole, Deborah Mack  
2856 – Talking About Engagement Is One Thing Kristin Prestegaard, Jennifer Garza, Kristen Delaney  
2857 – Digital Leadership and Organizational Transformation Douglas Hegley, Nik Honeysett, Amy Heibel  
2858 – London-Johannesburg-Dubai: A Three-Part Story of Healing Through Museums Ngaire Blankenberg, Andrew Nugee, Muna Al Gurg  
2859 – How a Terrible Topic Made Our Museum a Better Place Micah Parzen  
2860 – Inside Out: Embedding Social Engagement at the Core Lisa Sasaki  
2861 – Meeting People Where They Are: Pop-up Engagement Experiments Elisabeth Callihan, Sarah Kennedy  
2862 – What Is a Cultural Plan and How Can MY Museum Benefit? Carol Adams, Camille Russell Love, Priya Sircar   
2863 – Deep Playability: Participatory Games in Exhibit Halls Alexander Freeman, Kellian Adams, Paloma Salgado Tonda   
2864 – Achieving Competing Goals: Cold Storage and Energy Savings Michele Pacifico, Sarah Sutton, Rebecca Ellis   
2865 – Accessibility and Inclusion: Creative Content Choices Elizabeth Ziebarth, Christine Murray, Maria Carmen Smith   
2866 – Changing Museums’ Social Value Christine Reich   
2867 – Using Hidden Resources: Q?rius and New Paradigms of Engagement Shari Werb, Walter Crimm   
2868 – You Are Here: Navigating Location-Based Technology Tim Ritchie, Marc Check   
2869 – How Can Museums Leverage Big Data to Optimize Marketing Mix? Akemi Mease, Tsvetan Tsvetkov, Ankur Jain   
2870 – Accreditation 101: A Primer on the New Accreditation Process Kathy Kelsey Foley, Lisë Swensson   
2871 – Crucial Conversations: Creating Meaningful Change Ryan Hill, Victoria Glazomitsky, Virgil Talaid  
2872 – How to Host a State Museums Advocacy Day Patricia Relay, Katie March, Jennifer Thomas  
2873 – Can I Handle It? Getting Kids Up Close with Your Collections Alice Stevenson, Sandra Trenholm, Rachel Walman  
2874 – eCulture: Making the Museum a Social Hub Daniele Turini, Marie-Paule Jungblut,  
2875 – Tech Tutorial: The GIFs That Keep on Giving: Tumblr Strategies for Success Richard Naples, Keri Thompson  
2876 – Delivering Meaning: ECM, APIs and Telling Your Story Frances Lloyd-Baynes  
2877 – Digital Publishing Made Easy with the OSCI Toolkit Kyle Jaebker, Todd Kersey  
2878 – Presidential Legacy and Interpretation (and Re-interpretation) Anthony Pennay, Kahlil Chism, Stephen Steinbeiser  
2879 – Culture Club: Everyone Wants In Michele Nichols, Matthew Welch, Kristin Prestegaard  
2880 – Fading Memories: Perspectives on Remembering the World Wars Owen Glendening, Tony Glen, Ian Kikuchi  
2881 – Resumé Writing for Emerging Museum Professionals Greg Stevens, Alissa Whiteley  
2882 – Museums Large and Small: What We’ve Learned, 25 Years Later Cinnamon Catlin Legutko, Walter Crimm, Micah Parzen  
2883 – Resumé Writing for Mid-Career or Career Changers Jennifer Thomas  
2884 – Museums on the Edge Diana Pardue, France Desmarais, Brian Daniels  
2885 – What Is Prospect Research, Alex? Cody Lee, Heather Pressman, Elizabeth Bolander  
2886 – What Kinds of Experiences Do Visitors Really Want? Peter Linett, Susan Wilkening  
2887 – 75 Ideas/75 Minutes: Fresh Thinking in Audience Engagement Suzanne Hall, Meghan Curran, Jay Finney  
2888 – Summit on Sustainability 2015: Standards in Museums  
2889 – Inspired by Common Goals: Engaging Early Childhood Educators Michael Fritzen, Sarah Erdman, Jacque Sell  
2890 – Mindful Connections: Creating Museum Dialogues for Veterans Barbara Johnson Stemler, Lyndsey Anderson  
2891 – Food 4 Ways: Trends, Messages, Programs and Management Marika Barranco, Ann Chen, Sabina Carr  
2893 – Systems Maintenance: Set It and Don’t Forget It Stevan Layne, Robert Carotenuto, William Powers  
2894 – The Museo Soumaya and Wikimedia Alliance: Open Knowledge Laura Gonzalez, Ivan Martinez  
2895 – Tech Tutorial: Ready, Set, Play! In-House Game Development Susan Edwards  
2896 – Using Our Words: Inclusive Language and Social Value Margaret Middleton, Rose Kinsley, Porchia Moore  
2897 – Putting Peer-to-Peer Mentorship Ideas into Practice 2.0 Jessica Sack, Caroline Mah  
2899 – Creating a Personalized and Shared Museum Experience Greg Matty, Al Salm, Stephen Platenberg  
2900 – Making Membership Relevant Kay Kennedy, Rachel Merrell, Elizabeth Richardson  
2901 – Media Relations in the Digital Age: What’s Changing? Where’s It Going?  
2902 – Cincinnati Museum Center’s “Quality of Life, Quality of Living” Economic Impact Study Douglass McDonald  
2903 – Creating Tours with Google Glass Christine Murray, Richard Benefield, Karin Heck   
2904 – Bullseye: Professional Engagement Starts with You! Anthony Pennay   
2906 – Best Practices in Museum and Cultural Property Security Douglas Hall   
2907 – Designers Deconstruct Success Daniel Oliver, Douglas Simpson, Roger Barrett   
2909 – You Be the Judge: Mock Application Review Panel with IMLS Connie Bodner, Sandra Narva, Steven Shwartzman   
2911 – Interpreting and Safeguarding Intangible Heritage: Part I Mark Dickson, Hing -Wah Chau, Raga Ahmed Elamin   
2912 – Interpreting and Safeguarding Intangible Heritage: Part II Catherine Charlebois, Rudney Caria   
2913 – Engaging Community Sharon Chen, Eman Bukhari, Wellington Silva   
2914 – Developing Museum Staff for the Future Susan Day, Salwa Mikdadi  
2915 – Cultural Heritage: Social Issues and the Environment John Swettenham, Henry Yuan, Yuji Kurihara   
2916 – Evolving and Measuring Social Value: Part I Jane Samuels, Dory Castillo Garriga, Alesha Mercado   
2917 – Evolving and Measuring Social Value: Part II Jo Brehaut, Laura Gonzalez   
2918 – Museum Planning and Visioning: Part I Hannah Fox, Onur Karaoglu   
2920 – Reaching Audiences in New Ways Mark Dickson, Sawsan Dalaq, Britt Braaten